Our Services


You are looking for a competent, professional and fully committed Electronic News Gathering service provider who is able to place crews at your disposal nationwide?

Numerous projects over the past years gave us the chance to extend and hone our qualities in the filed of ENG.
Our longstanding experience in the business, good collaboration with broadcasting organisations, production companies and service providers as well as our unique commitment made it possible for us to compile a powerful and productive network throughout Germany.
As a result our Berlin-based company is able to provide professional crews nationwide who can implement TV contributions and much more.

We can offer you experienced crews in the following domains

  • latest TV coverage / news segments
  • entertainment news programme segments
  • reports
  • documentary reports (on events, exhibitions, product presentations etc.)
  • press junkets
  • Stand-Ups, SNGs, playouts, major events (elections, red carpet etc.)

Our teams consist of a cameraman and a soundman/camera assistant. Furthermore we are able to provide you with a professional and creative journalist / line producer who eagerly puts your ideas in collaboration with the team into practice.

All the teams are adequately equipped with high quality and well serviced camera, sound and light gear as well as a crew car.

We can offer you following formats
Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD and HD CAM.
Further formats you can get depending on the regional availability.

You can receive our prices on request.

And there is more to come…
Are you looking for opportunities to edit and broadcast your material right after the shooting? We can provide you with editing facilities with or without journalist / line producer. Additionally we are able to provide uplinks, ATM lines or file transfer world wide.