Our Services


Advisory service
We advice you concerning media-technological realisation, covering the definition of interfaces with other media-production areas and we help you to understand cost, time and resource commitments.
Working within your budget and other relevant constraints, we create the basis for the best technological solution.

We support you in the development of a stable media-technological concept right from project inception. In doing so, we lay the foundation for an efficient use of the means of productions – of both hard- and software.

In accordance with your specific requirements, we develop suitable tender-documents, consisting of a detailed project description, including a breakdown of technical conditions and a schedule. Everything is presented in a concise and conceptional manner using technical diagrams and material tables.

Tender offer / analysis
We place suppliers to be considered for your project and supply you with the appropriate tender-documents, ready for despatch. Furthermore, we handle the evaluation of the individual offers, we compile a list of costs and support you in the selection of the appropriate supplier.

Right from the start, we assist the entire production team and co-ordinate the relevant interfaces with other media-production areas. Not only do we make sure that all services are performed as agreed within the period allotted, we also create valuable synergies between production- and presentation-technologies, as well as between hardware and software. We are happy to support you with the development of the necessary programs.

If you need any more information on our services, please feel free to contact us.